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Hi, I'm Sonja. Thanks for joining me.

I'm a passionate character, with high energy and a creative streak. There's a few positive traits in that sentence but it can also be an explosive cocktail. It's safe to say I've had my challenges to balance out my character, manage relationships and juggle the challenges of life. Hence over the years I've developed a system of movement to shift energy and also manage moods when they get out of line. I call it Stretch-Chi.  

 My students are a diverse bunch too!

Attracted by my energy, quirkiness or via a friend. I love the challenge of fixing a problem, by evaluating the energy and generating a toolbox for people to be able to fix their mood & movement. The most important factor is building confidence and character. 

My passion and skills lye in inspiring, driving and motivating people, either online, in my studio or just in my everyday life.

Ultimately it's my energy that sets me apart and my drive to help people lead the life they deserve. 

You can achieve this too!



STRETCH-CHI was specifically designed to:


Provide movement techniques & tools to provoke different energies/moods

When you feel low in energy or burned out do you search for something to deliver a more peaceful or uplifted state of mind or if you want to work on high energy levels do you choose a spinning, HIIT class, box, or go for a run?

Don't you wish for a repertoire of short movement sequences that could improve instantly your ability to let go, work on your sensual side or enhance focus?

I'm sure you might also experience days where you lack confidence, dynamic or vibrant energy?

Stretch-Chi provides 6 bespoke movement sequences which by following their methodology and technique will allow you to identify six important energy frequencies and show you how to evoke and channel them accordingly to your needs.


Introduce you to the Art of dynamic stretching

Dynamic stretching is one of the highest and most efficient forms of stretching and not only because of its known ability to improve flexibility. It's the focus, energy and precision of the movement that builds inner strength, balance and improves muscle performance.

In my past I've delivered numerous gym classes of all types and always thought the more the movement shouts the more productive it is. I've ran marathons, tried to define my body in complex ballet & dance positions, all with the aim to loose or maintain weight and look toned. 

Instead all I really wished for was to have simple stand up workout routines which I could practice at anytime and anywhere giving me the same results and on top the so needed energy recharge.

When I found out about dynamic stretching I challenged myself to find micro movements to work the body more efficiently.  

Each Stretch-Chi sequence will challenge you physically & mentally in different ways and there are elements of dynamic tension throughout the program.


Keep you moving in dark times

Stretch -Chi was my personal life saver during COVID times where my energy was all over the place and during the several lockdowns all of us had to face in our own way, it was the only thing that kept my head above water.

Stretch-Chi raised on a daily basis my energy levels, gave me the confidence that things soon will change, the focus to reinvent my business, the dynamics to motivate my team by sending them vibrant sparks and the sensitivity to listen for hours over zoom to my friends and student concern.

The right kind of energy infused movement always helped me through difficult situations even when I lost 11 years ago my beloved Mum and had to handle at the same time my partner’s life threatening operation.

If you struggle like many other individuals not only now in post COVID times balancing your energies then this is the right time to engage with Stretch-Chi and practice regularly its 6 practical tools that will deliver the needed support to restore harmony in your body and mind.


Raise your posture and confidence levels

Being a dancer, gymnast and dance teacher I grew up with a vast understanding how to stand, walk and obviously exercise, focussing at all times on the right posture.

Starting already as a teenager my lifetime teaching career I was then able to share this childhood posture related knowledge in detail with many individuals of different ages and backgrounds.

Good posture means lifetime discipline!

Imagine watering the root of a tree, eventually it builds up its trunk the same when it comes to movement through dedication and regular practice you will slowly develop a solid, safe base from which beautiful things can evolve, plus gives you the chance to learn how to embody authentic confidence and let it grow organically day by day from deep inside.

If you are ready to water your roots in order to raise your posture and confidence levels then this is your course.

Each of the Stretch-Chi routines are packed with posture tips plus you will receive a separate video which will introduce the Stretch-Chi posture wall that will help guide you through the most important steps in how to realign your body from head to toe, and make the transition to everyday moves like walking or running.

Time to learn with Stretch-Chi how to empower yourself in order to reach your body and mind maximum potential.


Provide 6 breathing tools that can instantly change your energy frequency 

Breathing is vital for our lives but also decisive when it comes to define our energy levels.

When we are tired, in pain or find ourselves in a panic situation we are told to take deep breaths.

Now close your eyes and breathe dynamically four times in and out! You don’t know how to do it?

In a separate video I will guide you through 6 different breathing patterns and inject them with 6 energy frequencies for you to sense the overall caused impact on your state of mind. Each of them will correspond to one of the 6 Stretch-Chi routines giving you the chance to connect the breathing with the movement, with the result to feel each of the 6 energy frequencies with your life’s breath and every part of your body.

Stretch-Chi not only teaches you how to channel your energy levels but also your breathing habits in order to feel more balanced. 


Give you that unique sense training experience 

I started about 8 years ago to leave my clients whilst their were on holidays voice training without the need to see me and told them to practice in inspiring places for instance on the beach, in a forest or their gardens, and get inspired by the natural surroundings with its different scents and noises.The reaction was overwhelming and for that reason I thought why not doing the same thing in this course.

Firstly, I added for each Stretch-Chi routine a bonus step where you can practice the choreography with some music I chose from the Orient with the aim to give the sequence another dimension but where you still will be able to follow me.

In the following step you won’t see me anymore but hear my voice talking you through the same choreography you already learned, where Dave my partner chose beautiful places around Dubai to inspire you from the comfort of your own home. A tip; I would recommend to use a diffuser to enhance the sense experience whilst practicing the sequences.

The best case scenario would be to take the voice recording with you to a happy place and enjoy moving your body and your senses at the same time; what a bliss is that!

Don’t miss out on that special soul treat! 


Help you make the transition of what you learned to everyday life 

Stretch-Chi follows the ethos of helping and supporting people on their life’s journey.

Its beautiful to do a course and develop new skills or grow as a person but the magic really starts once you can apply and integrate this gained knowledge to your daily routines and make it part of your lifestyle.

After each of the 6 bespoke Stretch-Chi movement sequences I add practical advice and a personal task video where I go more into depth of how you could use the different energy tools in real life situations.

I decided to make these tasks part of the course as many times my pupils told me that they are able to do things we practice with me together in the studio but once they return to the “real world” they don't know how to make the transition.

Besides giving you these practical examples I guess I will also manage to put a smile on your face as all the tasks were filmed spontaneously in the moment and I had to deal therefore with unforeseen quirky circumstances!


Provide an ebook you can refer to at any time 

My biggest challenge in this course was the task of writing my first ebook and again this idea originated from what my clients told me over the last few decades.

I teach all kind of body movements but at the same time I always accompany my training with my very own life quotes and motivational phrases and many times I got told to write them down as they would be essential for the methodology of my training in order to understand better what I wanted everyone to achieve with their bodies and eventually their minds.

Stretch-Chi gave me for the first time in my life the feeling that I wanted to do that as it is so important for me that you understand what this beautiful concept can do and as words fly with the wind I decided to design the ebook so you be able even after years to look into it and remind yourself of the depth and ethos Stretch-Chi is based on.

I really hope you will enjoy it and please keep in mind that English is my second language and I like to write how I speak as I find it authentic and it suits the tone of voice you experience in the videos!

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"To me it's more than a stretch, it's the energy balance and general feel good factor"

- Shabana (UK)

"Sonja's expertise & instruction methods are unique, online training is surprisingly good"

- Clara (Copenhagen)

"I've been stretching with Sonja for 5 years to improve my flexibility and posture; it works!"

- Sid (London)

Step inside and explore

Here's what you'll get in THE STRETCH-CHI program:

Over 8 hours of video content 

An easy to follow structure of content that includes;

- An intro to the system, posture and breathing techniques

- 6 energy movement systems to learn from which includes (a) technique (b) choreography (c) perform 

- Uplifting voice training with motivational quotes

- A task to perform to activate the energy & movement flow

e-book learning 

There's an e-book to accompany every section of the  course which includes;

- Personal notes from Sonja about the journey to create the course

- A flavour into life on the road to create this course in the UAE

- Easy to follow nutrition tips to assist each sequence that is simply to follow and stick to

Uplifting and inspiring content 

There's a mix of studio content plus video on the road whilst in the UAE

- Each voice training features a part of a personal journey and experience in the Emirates.

- The tasks are spontaneous and raw and show the energy of the moment

- The final routines and all music pieces have been carefully selected to fit the ambience of the UAE

What you will learn 

The course content will take around 4-6 weeks if you concentrate on perfecting one element per week minimum. You'll learn;

- 6 new energy movement sequences 

- How to use and maintain good posture

- Breathing techniques to manage and control energy

- How to create your own movement sequences to balance your energy levels

- To control mood & improve confidence

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Who is STRETCH-CHI for?

This is NOT for you if...

  • You prefer floor or relaxing stretches 
  • If you prefer sedate movements 
  • If you have no interest in learning about energy frequencies 
  •  If breathing is just not your thing  
  • If you are just interested in learning a quick new workout
  • If you don’t like motivational teaching methods

This is for you if...

  • You would like to increase your posture & overall body awareness  
  • You'd like to improve your flexibility, confidence & energy levels 
  • You would like to explore the connection between movement and energy
  •  If you are a teacher and would like to widen your teaching knowledge 
  • If you like yoga or Pilates 

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